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                    Okcheon-gun, Chung Cheongbuk-do

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Description of Exhibits

1)     Honey & Citron Ade
1. Citron concentrate 1.2% (Korea), Honey 0.5% (Korea), etc.
2. Enjoy cool to cold storage
3. The products can be stored in a heating cabinet too
4. You can feel the flavor of fragrant citron and sweet honey


2)     Real Apple
1. This product is a beverage containing the Korea apple pulp more than 12%
2. You can feel the texture of apple pulp
3. Enjoy a refreshing ice-filled cup of the product


Dutch Water
1. Dutch Water prepared by 10 hours or more, a drop at a low temperature of between 0~10°C drop Dutch extracted coffee extract.
2. People sensitive to caffeine can also drink Dutch Water as it is low in caffeine content