xBounds Asia Pte Ltd

xBounds Asia Pte Ltd                                                               A02

Address      : 60 Paya Lebar Road, #04-01

                    Paya Lebar Square

                    Singapore 409051

Tel              : +65 9107 8230

URL            : www.ottoson.asia


Overseas Principal / Local Agent

Extracommunications, Inc.

Address      : 418-1 Koumei-cho

                    Tsu Mie Japan 514-0006

Tel              : +81 59 221 7001

Fax             : +81 59 221 7002

URL            : www.excom.co.jp


Description of Exhibits

xBounds Asia offers a wide range of safe and tasty food and beverage products from different regions of Japan. At Café Asia 2016, we proudly showcase, among other products, date and other fruity vinegar drinks from a brewery with a history of more than 120 years, flavourful Japanese matcha soy drink and other green tea products, a wide variety of high-grade bean-to-bar chocolates that are still rare in Japan, and edible paper films known as “oblaat” that can add a unique and fun touch to your food and drinks.