GMT Bridge Pte Ltd

GMT Bridge Pte Ltd                                                                  A06

Address      : 253 Arcadia Road #06-11

                    Hilcrest Arcadia

                    Singapore 289849

Tel              : +65 8500 8197

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Overseas Principal / Local Agent

Santa Monica Café Gourment

Address      : Av. Casa Vende, 394

                    Casa Vende Sao Paulo


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Description of Exhibits

GMT Bridge Pte Ltd – Singapore represents Brazilian companies and products in Asia. In the food & beverage industries, e.g. Speciality Coffee, food and beverages ingredients (herbal and fruit teas, mate, guarana, acai, etc.).


At Café Asia 2016, we are introducing Santa Monica Gourmet Coffee, a coffee producer from Brazil with more than 30 years’ experience in the production of Speciality coffee in the premium region of Minas Gerais, Brazil – 100% Arabica. All beans produced at the farm are meticulously selected and submitted to an exclusive roasting process, in small quantities to ensure unparalleled aroma, flavor, creaminess and body.