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Description of Exhibits

Since 2008, Sapiens Global has been developing business in the Latin America – Asia environment, as a focal point where “sapience or wisdom and different cultures from all over the globe” meet to converge, creating a new value and exciting and innovative business opportunities.


Serving as a bridge between and facilitator for businesses across continents, producing win-win results for exporters and importers on both continents. As a matchmaker, Sapiens Global is helping companies to interact and develop business in both regions, with remarkable results in Food & Beverage, Apparels and Jewelry, ICT and Infrastructure.


Our clients are companies from Brazil, Uruguay, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and South Korea. With offices in Tokyo (Japan), Curitiba (Brazil), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Singapore, we cover and area with almost 1 billion consumers.


At Café Asia 2016, the main products to be exhibit from Brazil are:

1)     Coffee Brans (Coffee to Eat): a unique and innovative confectionary product made of 100% of the best Brazilian Arabica coffee;

Café Fazenda Caete: One Shot Coffee, individual coffee for preparation directly into the cup. A new way of drinking coffee with practicality and high quality.