Hello 5 Coffee Corporation

Hello 5 Coffee Corporation                                                       H33

Address      : 12th Floor, 246 Cong Quynh Str.,

  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Tel              : +84 8 3925 5715

Fax             : +84 8 3925 5726

URL            : www.hello5.vn


Description of Exhibits

Starting from the passionate, proactive steps to reach perfection, Hello 5 coffee is the harmonious combination between the traditional values of the East as a soft, smooth transshipment, flexibility and advanced technology of the West to give birth to the most amazing product line, the most pure. 5 series crystallized product, distilled from the 5 elements of the campaign: “Metal-Wood-Water-Fire-Earch” corresponding to the 5 series “Mondo-Original-Deluxe-Organic-Regular”.