AROMAT Café - 2017

AROMAT Café                                         B16

Address : Am Sandtorkai 2 - Hamburg

                20457 Germany

Tel         : +49 40 4043 7046

Fax        : +49 40 4075101015

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Overseas Principal / Local Agent / Brand


AROMAT was founded in 1976 and belongs to DEK Berlin. Within the CAFEA Group, AROMAT is responsible for the worldwide sales of frozen and non-frozen liquid coffee concentrates that are used in coffee systems.

Our company expertise is the development and production of high-quality liquid coffee extracts for coffee dispensing systems. We aim to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by providing an optimal price-performance ratio, short delivery times and excellent service.

The new liquid coffee concentrate AROMAT Gold Direct does not need frozen logistics, hence neither frozen transportation nor frozen storage are required. Discover the fine blend for mild, aromatic enjoyment from coffee beans grown with social and ecological sustainability (Rainforest Alliance certified).