Hanmi F3 Co., Ltd - 2017

Hanmi F3 Co., Ltd                                   E24 &E26

Address : 1342, Chungmu-ro,

               Dunpo-myeon, Asan,

               21411 S.Korea

Tel        : +82 70 4372 4033

Fax       : +82 70 4372 4090

Email    : export@hanmif3.co.kr

URL     : www.hanmif3.co.kr


Hanmi F3 presents wide range of ingredient for food service not only for food franchisers but also individual restaurants and café. It will deliver the professional touch and convenient preparation touch and convenient preparation for your menu.

* FOODRELLA Beverage Base:

Foodrella offers a wide range of practical, high-quality frozen dessert and beverage ingredients designed to meet the need of all professionals and it is perfect solution to differentiate and enrich your menu.

Fruit Base/ Greentea Powder/ Yogurt Powder/ Smoothie Base/ jam/ Latte Powder.

*Korean style Fried Chicken Ingredient

Marinade, food coating, sauce and seasoning.

*Korean Food ingredient:

Soup base, sauce, seasoning.