Latorre & Dutch Green Coffee Innovators - 2017

Latorre & Dutch Green Coffee Innovators     B36

(Latorre and Dutch Coffee Traders SEA Pte. Ltd)

Address : 31 Toh Guan Road East

                LW Technocentre, #06-02

                Singapore 608608

Tel         : +65 9114 2595

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Latorre & Dutch brings to you its expertise in green coffee sourcing, logistics and financing developed from many years of experience in operation in the industry to supply high-end specialty coffee. Backed by robust knowledge of the origins themselves, varieties, market prices, industry economics and logistics networks, Latorre & Dutch aims to facilitate seamless access to the world’s best coffees directly from roaster to farmer. Founded on the values of quality, education and traceability, our approach has been termed ‘relationship coffee’ for its philosophy based on long-term relationships that provide the foundation for our constant look out for ways to revolutionise the industry – to be flexible and agile to remain at the forefront of this ever-changing industry.