Sarika Connoisseur Café Pte Ltd - 2017

Sarika Connoisseur Café Pte Ltd                             C16

Address : 1 Irving Road,

                Level 7 Sarika Connoisseur Building

                369520 Singapore

Tel         : +65 6804 6337

Fax        : +65 6280 2016

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Overseas Principal / Local Agent / Brand

Food Evolution

Address : 1 Irving Road,

                Level 7 Sarika Connoisseur Building

                Singapore 369520

Tel         : +65 6804 6337

Fax        : +65 6280 2016

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Food Evolution is a full service distribution company that offers a superior range of raw, pre-marinated, ready-cooked and freshly baked food supplies.

With leading edge technologies capabilities, we also offer custom-made gourmet selection that is tailored to your preferences to help you grow your business and satisfy your diners, customers and guest. As a supplier, we understand your passion in finest food; that is why we only pursue in providing retail and wholesales customer solutions and options rivalled in value, quality and reliability.

To accommodate to Muslim market demands, we have recently developed our pastry kitchen to produce an existing Halal products with the highest standards in food hygiene and quality standard, accompanied by Halal Certified upon request.

We understand the important of maintaining high quality standards and products innovations, thus, it is constantly investing in R&D, we seek to expand our selection of premium food products while maintaining the utmost product quality and exceed the expectation of our discerning customers.