Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., Ltd - 2018

GUANGZHOU RUNMING TEA CO., LTD                         E20

Address            : 5 & 6 floor,

               No. 23, Dongsheng Str,

               Pengshang, Jiahe Street,

               Baiyun District, Guangzhou

510080 China

Tel                    : +86 020 3741 7500

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Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., Ltd focuses on manufacturing and exporting EU & USDA organic-certified teas, Chinese specialty teas, blending teas and special Chinese Kongfu teawares.

Having our own tea planation bases and preliminary factories in the famous tea-growing areas in China, we strictly control over every tea-making process to guarantee our Maosha’s quality, taste, aroma & appearance.

Besides, we also have our own high hygeian, traceable tea refined factory in Guangzhou, including one stop OEM pack workshop, for pyramid tea bag, slimming tea etc. we truly understand the importance of quality and always guarantee quality consistency to make sure our clients maintaining their market advantage.



1. Raw Materials:- Tea Leaves