F&N FOODS PTE LTD                                                              B21

Address            : 214 Pandan Loop

                          Singapore 128405

Tel                    : +65 6210 8108

Fax                   : +65 6210 8209

URL                  : www.fnnfoods.com


Established in 1883, Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&NL) is a leading Asia Pacific Consumer Group with expertise and prominent standing in the Food & Beverage and Publishing & Printing industries. Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, F&NL ranks as one of the most established and successful companies in the region with an impressive array of renowned brands that enjoys strong market leadership.

A market leader in the food and beverage industry, F&N has been committed to providing healthy enjoyment for generations. F&N’s extensive portfolio includes 100 PLUS, F&N Magnolia, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh, F&N NutriWell, F&N NutriSoy, F&N Daisy, F&N aLive, F&N Seasons, F&N Sparkling drinks, F&N Ice Mountain, F&N Canned Milk, F&N Farmhouse Milk, Oishi Green JTea, Chang Beer and Magners Irish Cider.

Barista milk by F&N Magnolia is a superior frothing milk specially formulated for this discerning barista. This flavoured, rich and creamy fresh milk is consistent and easy to foam and ideal for Lattle art and that perfect cup of coffee, every time.



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