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Buhler is a leader in processing grains, rice, cocoa, coffee and other raw materials. Also, we are leading solution provider of die-casting and surface-coating technologies in high-volume application areas, such as automotive, optics, and inks. In 2016, its roughly 10,500 employees in over 140 countries generated a turnover of CHF 2.5 billion. As a leading technology group, Bühler invests up to 5% of its turnover every year in Research & Development. The globally active Swiss family-owned company Bühler is particularly committed to sustainability.

With a comprehensive know-how in the field of coffee production and sensitivity for individual process requirements, we develop customer-friendly solutions for first-class coffee specialties. Whether for small, medium or large-scale coffee operations – Bühler offers customized solutions that meet your individual needs. Our proven expertise spans the entire range of coffee processing, from green coffee intake, cleaning, sorting, handling, roasting,, grinding to degassing.

Bühler believes in technology and is dedicated to global research and development. Our R&D spending in coffee is among the highest in the industry, and we collaborate with renowned leading universities. Passionate experts design and test our equipment and solutions. Three coffee application centers (Switzerland, India & Indonesia) are on hand to support you in testing coffee equipment, optimizing processes and developing innovative products.


Product Description (Roaster will be on display)

The RoastMasterTM 20 by Bühler offers exactly what start-up business and small-scale industrial operations require to produce top-quality coffee. The capacity ranges up to 70kg of green beans per hour. Hot air is the best choice to ensure a uniform roast. All hot air passes through the rotating drum and transfers its heat directly to the beans in a homogeneous way. This hot air pathway ensures a high proportion of convective heat transfer rather than to heat the drum from below. No matter at which stage of the process, the variable drum speed and the sophisticated interior design of the roasting chamber deliver an optimal bean distribution and an efficient interaction of the beans with the air. Silverskins are separated I the cyclone. The compact drum roaster is equipped with separate heating and cooling fans which allow to roast and cool at the same time. An innovative and easy-to-use PLC control system ensures quality consistency during production bout also leaves room for manual intervention to steer the processing when necessary.



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