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AT Fresh – The Good Food Folks

AT Fresh Pte Ltd is an industry-leading supplier to the retail and food services sectors. Our key products span major categories like fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, dairy, rice, herbs and spices as well as fish. Since our inception in 2007, AT Fresh Pte Ltd has amassed a top drawer client list that comprises hotels, restaurants, caterers, fast food chains, supermarkets, government institutions as well as commercial and military ships. A wholly owned subsidiary of holding company Rong Yao Pte Ltd, AT Fresh Pte Ltd enjoys long term partnerships with key principals to represent their globally recognised brands. More than just a distributor, we also own an AVA certified fishery to supply fresh fish to our customers. In additional, we are an active contributor to the entire supply chain as we offer value added services in food processing and packaging.



1. Bakery Supply: Baking Agents, Raw Materials and Ingredients, Dairy & Flavours, Part-Bakes and Finished Products, Pastry-making items

2. Raw Materials: Cocoa Beans, Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves

3. Services: Agents, Export/ Import Companies, Logistics, Research & Development, Traders, Wholesales

4. Tea Industry: Specialty Suppliers

5. Others: Coffee Packaging, Distributors, Exporter of Raw Products, Industrial and Specialty, Processing of Ready-To-Cook/ Eat Products, Warehouse