CONG CAPHE INITERNATIONAL PTE LTD                               G07

Address            : 101 Hong Cau, Dong Da

                          Hanoi 10000 Vietnam

Tel                    : +84 3733 9966

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Born 2007 from its roots in Hanoi, Cong Caphe has often been revered as the most famous Vietnamese café by both locals & travelers from all around the world.

With its “Bring You Back Home” Concept, every Cong Caphe brings out a community of warmth & homely comfort of the 80’s Vietnam nostalgia in combination with the dramatic artspace.

With 48 corporate and franchise stores spread throughout Vietnam, its immense success is attributed to a medley of trendy drinks and old-styled food. Our Famous Coconut Coffee & Traditional Vietnamese Snacks keeps people’s stomachs satisfied while allowing their minds to wander into their past memories.

Bringing everyone back home truly.



1. Coffee Processing: Specialty Coffee Roasters

2. Raw Materials: Coffee Beans

3. Others: Café Franchising