EWIMEX ASIA (S) PTE LTD                                                      D11

Address            : 605B Macpherson Road,

                          #02-11E, CITIMAC Industrial Complex

                          Singapore 368241

Fax                   : +62 82111129999

Email                : ashtiana@ewimexasia.com

URL                  : www.ewimexasia.com


Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand


Address            : Niederlassung Hamburg der DEK Deutsche

                          Extrakt Kaffee GmbH, Cafeastraße 1

                          Hamburg 21107 Germany

Tel                    : +49 40 3680 1894

Email                : huener@aromat.de

URL                  : www.aromat.cafe


EWIMEX ASIA, has broad experience in Sales & marketing, facilitated through professional Networks and Business Event Organisations, and conducting business mapping. Utilizes the right promotional material that suites the markets to create brand awareness, market demand & trending.

Has the relevant skills, expertise, capabilities to work closely with our Distributors, Resellers, Retailers, and referrers to promote through live demos, products tasting & sampling sessions, as well as las International F&B Trade Shows and Exhibitions to connect locally and internationally and targeting Food Service Industries, and also (MICE) Event Industry associated with various Associations, which include logistics, Importation and Exportation regionally.



1. Bakery Supply: Baking Agents, Raw Materials and Ingredients, Desserts, Flour, Ice Cream and Ice Cream Manufacturing, Part-Bakes and Finished Products

2. Machinery: Cooker, Furniture and Furnishing, Show Case & Show Display

3. Machinery & Equipment: Coffee Maker, Kitchen Equipment

4. Services: Agents, Associations

5. Others: Coffee Packaging, Distributors, Industrial and Specialty, Manufacturer of Liquide Coffee Extract, Spares & Components