SPICERS SINGAPORE                                                             B24

Address            : 3 Gul Crescent

                          Singapore 629519

Tel                    : +65 6738 0888

Fax                   : +65 6282 8333

Email                : treize@spicersasia.com

URL                  : www.spicersasia.com


Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand


URL                  : www.vipcolor.com


We are Spicers Singapore, part of Australian listed Spicers Limited with operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. As we wholesaler of print media, Spicers Singapore offers you a wide range of products and solutions, including hardware such as Digital Color Label Printer by VIPColor Technologies.

VIPColor Digital Color Label Printers have been used in FORTUNE 500 shop floors globally. With the ability to print on-demand and being cost-effective, we aim to bring convenience and flexibility to all small-medium enterprise customers.

You will find our digital labelling solution especially compelling and value-adding to your business operation.



1. Bakery Supply: Corporate Gifts, Process Optimization

2. Machinery: Packaging Technology and Materials

3. Machinery & Equipment: Packaging Equipment Paper

4. Packaging/ Paper: Packaging Machine

5. Raw Materials: Coffee Beans

6. Others: Coffee Packaging, Digital, Label Printer