CHUNPU PTE LTD                                                                    D21

Address            : 506 Chai Chee Lane

                          #01-04 (Suite 004)

                          BOXPARK @ Chai Chee

                          Singapore 469026

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The founder of Chunpu Pte Ltd insists providing quality Puerh Tea to customers. She personallys inspects & ensure the quality of Puer plantation in Yunan, China. Manufactureed &packaged internally, Chunpu adheres & incorporates eco-friendly methods of Puerh tea production. Pesticide free, natural irrigiration system & using latosol soil, creates the most ideal environment for Puerh tea. Chunpu combines both good natural Puerh ingredients & tea production techniques that helps preserve the colour & aroma of high grade Puer tea. Providing our customers the expectation taste of Puerh Tea, Chunpu helps people to experience peacefulness & regain health through our tea.



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