KOMO PTE LTD                                                                       C17

Address            : 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-93

                          Singapore 408729

Tel                    : +65 6909 1002

Email                : water@komoinc.com

URL                  : www.sodastream.sg


Established in 1903, SodaStream is number 1 sparkling water brand in world.

SodaStream is in 45 countries serving 1.5 billion litres of sparkling water annually. People drink more water with SodaStream because water is more fun when you make your own sparkling water. SodaStream is always the centre of attention at parties because people can throw great parties and celebrate hosting families and friends with fresh delicious artisanal SodaStream Drinks.

SodaStream is a world leader in protecting the environment, just 1 carbonating bottle replaces 2000 commercial cans and bottles.



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