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CSG (FAR EAST) PTE LTD has been promoting CEM Industries products, Beverages Dispensing Equipment, in South East Asia market for the past twenty years. Having the experience in the refrigerating field, it was quite natural for CEM Industries to develop equipment for the latest trend of Cold Brew Coffee.

We are proud to present an innovative lie for the dispensing of cold brew coffee, the new trend invading the world of coffee. The wide range of dispensers, easy to use and install, is characterized by compact dimensions and elegant design.


At the touch of a button or using your phone have a drink ready and waiting for you after a hard day at the office – a bar at home or away from home in hotel room.

It is a patent pending, alcoholic beverage dispense system offering unlimited flavoured spirits by means of a capsule, with adjustable alcohol strength (per pour) without flavor cross-contamination.



1. Machinery & Equipment: Coffee Brewing Equipment