Event Highlights

Event Highlights


  • The 2nd ASEAN Coffee Symposium 2019
  • ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) SPECIALTY COFFEE AUCTION @ CAFÉ ASIA 2019 Each Member Country of the ACF federation will provide up to 5 different green coffee for auction from micro lot farmers.  Before the auction, there will be a cupping session held at ACF booth for potential bidder to taste the coffee first before the auction!
  • New Pavilions: E-commerce Pavilion | Chocolate Pavilion| Halal Pavilion | Egg Pavilion | Café Village
  • Hosted buyers from ASEAN
  • Restaurant Summit 2019
  • Healthy Choice Meal Demonstration
  • Espresso Martini Mini Festival by Luxe.Brew 
  • Café Clinic – Take the opportunity to impart your knowledge to trade audience in four targeted areas!
  • Coffee Competitions (Singapore Latte Art Championship; Singapore Cup Taster Championship; Singapore Coffee in Good Spirits Championship) run by Singapore Coffee Association *Sanctioned by World Coffee Events
  • Bakeries and Gelato Demos & lots more!


Singapore National Brewers Cup (SNBRC)


Singapore Cup Tasters Championship (SCTC)


Singapore Latte Art Championship (SLAC)


Singapore Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (SCIGS)