Oot & Bit Pte Ltd

Oot & Bit Pte Ltd (Rabbit Owl Depot)                                        B08

Address      : 420 North Bridge Road

                    #01-06 Singapore 188727

Tel              : +65 9668 4132

URL            : www.rabbitowldepot.com


Description of Exhibits

Rabbit Owl Depot (R.O.D), a quaint ice cream parlour serves authentic, premium handcrafted ice cream that leaves you craving for more! R.O.D believes in creating quality ice cream made of fresh ingredients, which does not only arouse your taste buds but leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth before melting away. Pair it with our fluffy and crispy signature Snowflakes Waffles, which is suggested by many to be one of the BEST waffles in town! A perfect treat for any occasion.


Inspired by cargo containers, R.O.D’s rustic interior design and exquisite industrial furniture collection are crafted from recycled materials such as shipping containers, reclaimed wood and copper pipes. It is no doubt that anybody will let their ‘hare’ down and let their imagination run as they settle on these exclusive, smart-casual and sustainable pieces.