F&N Foods Pte Ltd

F&N Foods Pte Ltd                                                                   B13

Address      : 214 Pandan Loop

                    Singapore 128405

URL            : www.fnnfoods.com


Description of Exhibits

Established in 1883, Fraser & Neave, Limited (F&NL) is a leading Asia Pacific Consumer Group with expertise & prominent standing in the Food & Beverage and Publishing & Printing industries. Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, F&NL ranks as one of the most established and successful companies in the region with an impressive array of renowned brands that enjoy strong market leadership.


A market leader in the Food & Beverage industry, F&N has been committed to providing healthy enjoyment for generations. F&N’s extensive portfolio includes 100PLUS, F&N  Magnolia, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh, F&N Nutriwell, F&N Nutrisoy, F&N Daisy, F&N aLive, F&N Seasons, F&N Sparkling Drinks, F&N Ice Mountain, F&N Canned Milk and F&N Farmhouse Milk.

Barista Milk by F&N Magnolia is a superior frothing milk specially formulated for the disconcerting barista. This flavourful, rich & creamy fresh milk is consistent and easy to foam & ideal for latte art and that perfect cup of coffee, every time.