Tai Shiang Tea Co., Ltd.

Tai Shiang Tea Co., Ltd.                                                           G04

Address      : 5F., No. 130, Sec. 5,

                    Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist.,

                    Taipei City, 116 Taiwan

Tel              : +886 2 2377 1919

Fax             : +886 2 2377 5959

URL            : www.taiwantrade.com.tw/tstea


Description of Exhibits

We are a professional Wholesale Tea Exporter Company in Taiwan since 1966.

The main export products such as Formosa Oolong Tea, Dong Ding Oolong Tea, Pou Chong Tea, Tekuangin Tea and Amber Oolong, Gaba Oolong Tea among other products.

We created our new brand [KAO TEA] for retail since 2014, with goal to be a Wonderland of tea, too offer our customers the tea knowledge and wonderful tastes of tea.