Old Village Puer Pte Ltd

Old Village Puer Pte Ltd                                                           A04

Address      : 167 Geylang Road #01-02

                    Singapore 389242

Tel              : +65 6635 4725

Fax             : +65 6749 1501

URL            : www.puer.com.sg


Description of Exhibits

Old Village Puer Pte Ltd is a trusted leading wholesaler & retailer of quality high grade Puer tea, teabags, high-end tea ware and accessories in Singapore. We are a group of Tea Lovers whom are dedicated to providing you with a complete Puer tea experience which is memorable and charismatic.


Not only will we offer a wide variety of valuable collections, but we are also keen to share with you on the benefits of Puer tea – value of health, value of drinking preference, and value of collections. Old Village Puer stands for “Healthy Life Style & Luxurious Enjoyment”.