2Degrees North Coffee Co. Pte Ltd

2Degrees North Coffee Co.                                                       C16

Address      : 3017 Bedok North Ave 5

                    Gourmet East Kitchen

                    #03-22 Singapore 486121

Tel              : +65 9671 5998

URL            : www.2degreesnorthcoffee.com


Description of Exhibits

Coffee is an experience – a subtle yet intense, enigmatic fusion of delicious flavours, aromas, textures and emotion.


At 2 degrees North Coffee Co. we source and roast the best green coffee beans that we can get our hands on, drawing out the nuances and inherent qualities within each coffee bean.


We are committed to seasonality, quality, consistency and transparency, seeking always to push the boundaries of what is possible in coffee roasting.


We want our customers to deeply enjoy our coffees, to find comfort, reassurance, honesty, enrichment and adventure.