KJ Global Trading

KJ Global Trading                                                                    A22

Address      : 1092 Lower Delta Road

                    #03-10 Singapore 169203

Tel              : +65 9818 1948 / +65 8686 7333

Fax             : +65 6760 8386

URL            : www.kjglobal.com.sg


Description of Exhibits

KJ Global Trading is a privately owned international trading and distribution company. The basic function of the company is to market and distribute premium organic coffee beans to both the domestic and overseas markets.


Our core business of is supplying organic coffee beans and coffee sachets to hotels, cafes, country clubs and fine dining restaurants in Singapore. The company has a team that market its products to the local market and a specialize team that markets to overseas market.


We have planned to appoint an agent in each and every country in Asia. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of all our customers and overseas country agents.


Contact us at sales@kjglobal.com.sg or visit us at www.kjglobal.com.sg.


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